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CLEARANCE SALE BELOW ON SIEGE® FLAT-PACK Gen II STOVES (titanium or stainless steel)
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Siege Stove Collapsible flat-pack stove

The Siege Collapsible Flat-Pack Stove is sold below as a kit with Cross-Members included and also separately, as an upgrade for current owners of Cross-Members.

(Includes Cross-Members)

(Available in stainless steel or titanium)
(set of 5 parts, plus Cross-Members are included):

In conjunction with Cross-Members, the plates quickly assemble into a trapezoidal fire container with considerable fuel capacity and broad heat output -- perfect for grilling and for even heat distribution under a pot or pan).

This is a great choice for those who want the best or need something that stores flat for a really compact kit.

The Titanium Siege Flat-Pack Stoves use .028” thick Titanium. In our tests we found that the thinner .020" grade commonly used in wood stoves to reduce cost, warped unacceptably. Even .024" was unsatisfactory, so we went with 0.028". The Cross-Members use an even thicker grade of Titanium - almost twice as thick. Siege Stoves are made tough in the USA, from American-produced aerospace-grade Titanium or 304 Stainless Steel. We do not use imported "titanium", which may have had its titanium content diluted to cut costs (mystery metal!).
Siege Stoves are impervious to rust and wood flames. They should last as long as the great pyramids!

We are currently offering these complete kits at a big discount.
We also include a complimentary P-38 micro can opener with each set.

(while supplies last):


Why the clearance sale? We are introducing a new Gen III version of the Flat-Pack Stove, and need to sell our current stock of Gen II Flat-Pack stoves. The two versions have the same basic structure (same size and fuel capacity). The primary differences are that the Gen III has:

  1. Hexagonal hole design with crenellations along the top edge (a cosmetic upgrade, to match the new Folding Grills).
  2. The walls and base plate have beveled (rounded) corners and edge holes.
  3. Slots in the walls for mounting Side Toasters.
  4. Ability to orient the base Cross-Members so that they connect at the corners of the stove instead of at the center of each wall. The corner mounting means wider-set support, but either stove model will easily support heavy pots and wide iron skillets.

NOTE: We will perform a free custom upgrade on our few remaining Gen 2 Flat Pack stoves: We take 25 minutes with a belt sander to round all the corners (looks better :) ), and, more importantly, add corner slots to the base of each wall, so that the base Cross-Members can be mounted in the corners for enhanced stability (just like in the new Gen 3 stoves)

If you are not planning to add Side Toasters, then the Gen II version is an ideal choice. Note: You can still add Side Toasters, but will need to mount them on the base Cross-Members (they slot under the stove, instead of into wall slots, as with the Gen III). Note also that we provide the same latest versions of the Cross-Members for both stoves.

We just dropped the price again by another $10 on both the stainless and titanium stoves. Our prices on Flat-Pack stoves have never been lower!

Stainless steel Flat-Pack stove with set of stainless steel Cross-Members
(Note: We are temporarily out of stock on stainless Cross-Members, but if you order now we expect to be able to ship them the week after Thanksgiving):

Stainless steel Clearance: only $59.99 US!
(normally $91.99) (ships the week after Thanksgiving)

Titanium Flat-Pack Stove with set of titanium Cross-Members (while supplies last):

Titanium Clearance: only $89.99 US!
(normally $121.99)

For only $89.99, you can get this all-titanium stove kit with the fire box made from 22 gauge aerospace grade titanium and the Cross-Members made from 16 guage aerospace grade titanium. This much titanium for this price is our lowest price ever and with titanium prices on the rise won't last long!

(for everything else,
please visit our ORDER PAGE)

For customers who already have our universal Cross-Members
Cross-Members not included)

— for customers who already have Cross-Members:
(set of 5 parts, Cross-Members not included):

(Available in stainless steel or titanium)

  • Titanium:approx. 8.1 oz | 229 g
  • Stainless: approx 15.4 oz | 437 g
  • Dimensions: 5 1/2" x 5 1/8"
  • Firebox size inside when assembled:
    5 1/8" square at the top, 4" square at the bottom and just under 5" high.

Siege Collapsible Stove packs flat. Aerospace-grade titanium.

Requires a set of titanium or stainless steel Universal Cross-Members.

If you plan to be on or around water a lot, then the Siege Collapsible Stove is an ideal choice. Cans will corrode over time with exposure to salt water, but the Siege Collapsible Stove will not.

While the Titanium stove is lighter for long distance backpacking, the Stainless Stove is excellent for everything else including: canoeing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, horseback trips, car, motorcycle, & RV travel, and emergency survival situations for cooking at the house or homestead. It also works great for those hardy souls who don't mind packing a little extra weight. Both Stainless Steel and Titanium are impervious to salt water.

without Cross-Members included

(for customers who already have our Cross-Members)

We are selling these at a big discount to make way for the new Gen III version of our Flat-Pack Stove.

These Gen II stoves have a much improved extra-strong connection system over the Gen I: you can even grip the stove by any of the four walls and shake it, and the walls will not come apart!

Siege Flat-Pack Gen II Stove:
(does not include cross-members,
which are required for the stove to function)

We just marked these down another $10 from the already low sale price of $49.99 to just $39.99!. Our prices on Flat-Pack stoves have never been lower!

Sale Price - Stainless steel: only $39.99 US!
(normally $69.99):

(requires a set of Cross-Members)

We just marked these down another $10 from the already low sale price of $69.99 to just $59.99 - for an all titanium stove made from 22 gauge aerospace grade titanium!

Sale Price - Titanium: only $59.99 US!
(normally $89.99):

(requires a set of Cross-Members)

** Note: You will need to add a set of Cross-members, which are sold separately, or simply purchase a complete kit with Cross-Members included — currently listed on sale above):

Note: both the titanium and stainless Collapsible Stoves will work with either the titanium or stainless steel Cross-Members. Even so, we recommend matching them with the same metal.

8% Sales Tax is applied to California orders only. All other destinations are tax-free.



INTERNATIONAL ORDERS, PayPal will automatically calculate the shipping cost for First Class Mail. If you need it sent Priority Mail, please email us with the details of what you plan to order and the destination address and we will calculate the shipping fee and email you a PayPal invoice for the total amount.

(for everything else, please visit our ORDER PAGE)  



After you complete your product selection, select your destination country and PayPal will add the First Class Mail cost based on total weight.
     We keep our packaging to a minimum in order to provide low shipping costs. If you need any assistance, please email us with the details of what you plan to order and the destination address, and we will calculate the Mail fee and email you a PayPal invoice for the total amount, that you can click on to pay at your convenience.

Because our cross-members and accessories are compact and lightweight, our international customers are often able to achieve lower shipping costs than with many other portable camp stoves (on top of what you are already saving with our low prices). For example, a single set of stainless steel Cross-Members or two sets of titanium Cross-Members can be packaged and shipped just under 8.1 ounces, in the lowest postal weight bracket!

For international customers we recommend that you obtain a can locally, which will save a lot on shipping costs (adding the can requires a box, which adds considerable weight and bulk). The popular stainless steel IKEA® cansiter is available in many countries, but you can use many other cans too. A drill with a tapered drill bit will make neat round holes, and you can also use the cross-members to make holes in a can.



  • WOOD SCRAPS (BIO-FUEL): Thicker material will burn for longer, and is better for grilling than thinner twigs. A set of loppers is a handy item to have for cutting short sticks of about thumb-thickness. Wood scraps are free and widely available in most places (not much is needed), so you don't need to carry it with you. Sitting around a wood-burning stove is also the most pleasurable experience.
  • CHARCOAL: Widely available. One negative: it’s dirty to handle, but the positives are:  it creates minimal smoke, minimal flame, and is less than 1/2 the weight of wood. In Siege Stoves, irregular chunks are better than briquettes.
  • LIQUID FUELS: An alcohol stove can be placed inside a Siege Stove (can be supported at an optimal height on a pair of tent pegs that are threaded horizontally through holes in the wall of the stove). Most liquid fuels are very toxic to breathe. Pure cane alcohol such as Everclear is a healthier choice, but is difficult to get in many states, because of state laws banning high-proof alcohol.
  • SOLID FUEL: Hexamine tablets, such as Esbit can also be supported in a Siege Stove on a small tray. These also produce toxic fumes.
  • GAS: A gas stove can be placed inside a Siege Stove. You will need to select a can that is large enough. A feeder tube can be threaded through a hole you make in the side of the can.

Siege Stoves are made in the USA!

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