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Rapidly convert any common can into a high-performance camping / survival stove with the Siege Stove universal Cross-Members
Do you have all aspects of these three core needs covered? Is your stove easy to assemble and enjoyable to use? Our users often tell us how their fellow backpackers / bikepackers / campers / overlanders abandon their weak alcohol and hissing gas stoves to gather around the real fire in their Siege Stoves. Nothing draws people together to enjoy a conversation (while warming one's hands or cooking a proper meal) than a real fire. Gas, alcohol and other synthetic fuels simply don't provide this experience. They are only good for boiling a small amount of water for freeze-dried food, and require the packing and carrying of costly, bulky fuel. Delicate and unstable wood-gas stoves with limited fuel capacity and long boil times also don't provide this experience. Gimmicky electronic stoves that claim to charge a cell phone (with meltable plastic housings and fans that do break down) require constant exhausting feeding for hours (a huge amount of wasted wood, energy and time) to just to add a very small amount of charge to a phone battery. What's more, as soon as a pot is placed on the stove the charging output drops to zero! (a small solar charger is far better for phone charging). Our users also tell us how their previous fragile, unstable, solo wood-gas stoves (which happen to be Chinese-made knock-offs of the original Canadian design) require constant feeding, can only boil a very small amount of water (no real cooking, grilling or frying), dent easily and even rust out because they are cheaply mass-produced in a Communist-run slave-labor state from low quality "mystery metal". We've learned the hard way that saving a small amount to buy cheap products not made in the US ends up costing much more in the long run, amd with considerable frustration and much valuable time lost. The good news is that  with allmost any common can you can quickly assemble your own custom Siege Stove for as little as $24.99 (with free shipping in the US and discounted international shipping) — a super high-performance stove that can also scale more than any other to match the size of your family or camping party without having to buy a larger stove.
Will your life depend on a stove that could easily break down without any warning or run out of fuel?
Will you have to camp in misery because of the lack of a real wood-burning fire?

Do you have:

  • At least one additional backup of every essential item, including portable wood-burning stoves?
  • A portable stove that doesn't rely on gas or alchohol or other synthetic fuels, all of which will be quickly depleted in a crisis on an extended camping/backpacking trip (and also take up a lot of space and are heavy to carry)? An efficient wood-burning stove will never run out of fuel. Woodscraps are free and abundant almost everywhere. You can even feed strips of cardboard into a Siege Stove to cook a meal.
  • A powerful, lightweight, stove that you can depend on in any situation— one that is made in the USA to last generations?
  • A stove built to endure any conditions and doesn't depend on technology that can fail without warning (electronics, fans and batteries), or sunshine (which only works during daylight hours on sunny days)?
  • A stove that can scale up to match the size of your group at no additional cost and without requiring the purchase of additional components or two or three different size stoves?
A wood-burning biofuel Siege Stove will quickly pay
for itself in fuel savings over synthetic-fuel stoves:
Cost savings from using bio-fuel (wood scraps) instead of gas and other synthetic fuel sources for camping stoves. Siege Stove -- the most versatile camping and survival stove on the planet!

Whether you are camping or prepping for a crisis or grid-down situation, it is important to have the means to cook, boil & disinfect water. Synthetic fuel will run out but wood scraps are abundant. Order now while stocks last.

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Cook two dishes in parallel, or make coffee or tea on a second stove

For the ultimate in compact high-performance stoves, we recommend the SIEGE® Gen III Flat-Pack Stove, with an extra set of Cross-Members. Being able to cook two dishes in parallel or make coffee while cooking can free up a lot of time for other activities such as setting up camp for the night, or relaxing around the fire.

The all-in-one survival stove

Bring a can of food with you,open it with one of the P-38's we offer, empty the food into your pot, and while that is cooking on your primary Siege Stove, rapidly convert the empty can into a second stove. Simply using a stick to tap and twist the X-Member fangs to perforate the can, and in about two minutes you will have a second extra-stable high-performance stove!

when the mostly brown stuff hits the fan, will you be prepared? You should be! The Siege Stove is an essential item everyong should have in their bug-out bag / grab and go kit, emergency preparedness kit.

Rapid Setup

Setup is fast and simple — no unnecessary weight-adding hinges are needed, nor are the large number of tinny little plates in some stoves that have to be assembled in a complex sequence (forget to connect one piece and you have to take it all apart and start again). With the new corner-locking connection system in the Gen III Siege Stove, what was an already super-stable stove is now rock-solid -- something one has to experience to fully appreciate. Unlike most other flat-pack stoves, that easily fall over or collapse under a heavy weight, you can put a big heavy pot or iron skillet on a Siege Stove. Press down hard on the assembled stove and you also won't experience wall joints sliding past each other or the stove distorting out of shape.

Setup in Comfort

When setting up the Siege Flat-Pack Stove when camping or bugging out, our extra durable veteran-made Pouch doubles as a knee pad. After removing the stove and any accessories, you can kneel on the tough vinyl pouch, saving your knee and clothing from the hard ground. For added cushioning, store a ziplock bag with some soft tinder inside your pouch.

Make your own superior Wood-Gas Stove
with the Siege Stove Cross-Members and two interlocking cans

These new wood-gas stoves have the following advantages over other wood-gas stoves:

  1. Faster and Easier Start-up: Wood-gas stoves take longer to get going than a typical wood-burning stoves. Reason:  The double-wall of a gas-stove inhibits air flow. With the Siege Wood-Gas stove, you can start the fire in a single-can which is well ventilated. As soon as the fire really gets going, simply place the outer can over the inner can with the fire. You now have a double walled wood-gas stove thru which the super-heated air flows by convection. Advantage:  The super-heated air burns the smoke particulates at the top of the inner can. This is the gasifier effect. It results in a cleaner, more efficient burn and will boil water faster. A bit less wood is used too. Two reasons:  (1) The wood’s gases are burned, and (2) Less heat is radiated out from the sides, and therefore, more heat goes to heat the pot on top.

  2. Easier Fueling and more Efficient Gasification: Because a single can Siege Stove breathes better than a typical wood-gas stove, it will fire up a bit more quickly.
    Another advantage of the Siege Stove is that the Cross-Members are higher. Two reasons:
    1) The ample space between the top of the can and the pot makes it easy to add wood without having to remove the pan, and
    2) Smoke from a newly lit fire is not blocked from escaping, and the fire burns better sooner.
    One more point: The efficiency of wood gas stoves is lowered with big wood feeder holes in their sides. Reason: a large volume of incoming air goes straight into the fire rather than up between the walls of the cans. This reduces the gasification effect.

  3. Very Low Cost: For just the cost of a set of cross-members anyone can create a powerful wood-gas stove! Because cans can be had for free (or low cost, if customers purchase them pre-punched from us), the Siege Wood-Gas Stove's cost is incredibly low. Compare this to the much pricier wood-gas stoves on the market.

  4. Superior Ventilation and Ultra-Lightweight: Because the inverted outer can is open underneath and held up by the bottom Universal Cross-Members, air is easily drawn up between the walls of the two cans. Ordinary wood-gas stoves sit directly on the ground and have vent holes around the sides of the bottom to bring in air. Not only does this inhibit air flow, the double bottom adds weight and robs the inside of space for wood fuel.

  5. Improved Support for Pots and Pans: The cross-members widen the support above and below the stove, providing improved stability over other portable wood-gas stoves.

  6. Easy to Build! With the Universal Cross-Members you no longer need to spend a lot of time with specialized power tools to build a wood-gas stove. Until now, DIY wood-gas stove projects have required a lot of work on such tasks as drilling ventilation holes, finding and cutting a circular internal grid floor to elevate the fuel, drilling holes to hold the floor rods, bolting / welding heavy legs onto a canister, etc.

Pictures of Wood-Gas / Gasifier Stoves Description

Ultimate IKEA Hobo Stove

Assembled Wood Gas Stove with Gallon Paint Can outside and #10 Can inside.

The attached Universal Cross-Members elevate the stove and pot to provide ventilation below and above.





View of the Wood-Gas Paint Can Stove with the inner No.10 can removed

Large gallon sized Wood-Gas Paint Can Stove with the outer paint can removed.

The inner No. 10 can can be used on its own as a wood-burning stove. Or, to make an awesome wood-gas stove, place the gallon paint with the Cross-Members as shown over the No. 10 can, and ergo, you now have a powerful, low cost, and efficient lightweight, wood-gas stove!
The inner can should have a ring of small holes near the top, so that the hot air and gases that are rising between the walls

Wood-gas Paint Can stoves in gallon and quart sizes

On the left: No. 10 Can (restaurant size) outside, Big Coffee Can inside

On the right: Big Coffee Can outside, Chilli Can (40 oz) inside.

Wood-gas stoves disassembled Wood-gas stoves disassembled


Here are four wood-gas stove configurations that we have successfully tested:

Cans used:

How to create your own Wood-Gas Stove in three easy steps:

1. Gallon Paint Can outside,
No. 10 (restaurant size can) inside

2. Quart Paint Can outside,
"Progresso" soup can inside

  1. Remove the bottom from the Paint Can with a can opener.

  2. Cut 4 slots in the lip of the paint can for the cross-members. Just saw thru the lowest dip in the lip of the paint can. Leave enough to support the Cross-Members.
    Technique: Use two hacksaw blades in the hacksaw at once. (A 32 tooth per inch blade is best.)

  3. The latest innovation in the Siege Cross-Members are sharpened fangs on one of the bottom members. If you don’t have an ice-pick handy (best), or fillet knife, you can use a 16” X 1” (or thereabouts) branch to hammer a fang into a can to provide air holes; then, when the point is embedded, twist it sideways to enlarge the hole.
    Tip:  Before making holes in the side walls of the can, install the top Cross-Members in the top of the can to help the can hold its shape.

3. No. 10 Can (restaurant size) outside, Big Coffee Can inside.

  1. Inner can: Punch holes in the inner can as in step 3 above.

  2. Outer can:  Begin with the top of the outer can removed.

  3. Cut a circular hole in the center of the floor of the other end using tin snips, heavy-duty scissors or in an emergency, a knife—this tends to dull the knife. The hole should be just slightly smaller than the diameter of the inner can.

4. Big Coffee Can outside,
Chilli Can (40 oz) inside.

Both Quart and Gallon sized paint cans can be used with the Universal Cross-Members to create lightweight single-wall stoves.

Siege Stoves are multi-fuel capable and make very effective fire containers and cooking platforms
for a wide variety of fuel types. You can learn more about them by watching the video on our home page.

Seige Stoves and their unique accessories are available! Order yours here


  • Standard Food Can + Ti Cross-Members = ultra compact stove, weighing a total of only 5.25 ounces.
  • Compact Coffee Can + Ti Cross-Members = powerful compact stove, with more fuel capacity and fire output than comparable stoves, weighing only 7 ounces.
  • IKEA Canister + Ti Cross-Members = our most popular choice of can, weighing only 8.12 ounces. This is the configuration used in the portable camp stove comparison
  • Jumbo #10 can + Ti Cross-Members = powerful group camp stove, with considerable fuel capacity and fire output, that weighs only 12.3 ounces.
  • And many more!

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