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(Our new Gen 3 Flat-Pack stoves are available below. You can also visit our Clearance sale page for
clearance prices on our SIEGE® Gen 2 Flat-Pack Stoves)


Titanium and steel prices have gone up considerably since last year (Ti up 50%). We have also added more detail to some items, especially the new Flat-Pack Stove Gen III edition, which has increased our laser fabrication costs. So far we have held our prices at or close to what they were a year ago, but will need to adapt to the supply conditions if material costs continue to rise (as they appear to be doing). So, if you are looking to get a camping or survival stove kit, it may make sense to order sooner than later.

In addition, we are able to offer our products at these low prices because we are currently only selling direct to customers through our web site.
We expect the MSRP on the Cross-Member sets will be higher if we go retail, since the retailers will need to mark the prices up and will
expect us to also sell at the same prices they sell them for.

(Available in stainless steel or titanium)

If you were to order just one item, the Cross-Members would be it! With a single set of cross-members you can quickly turn a can into a complete stove that is sturdy, stable and has plenty of capacity to hold a substantial fire.

The Siege Cross-Members make a fantastic gift and combined with a super-low-cost can outperform stoves costing much more. As one of our recent customers just reported, "The supports really work great on a #10 can. It works and burns way better than my new $150.00 [other brand] stove"
And in Be Ready magazine's comparison of 10 popular portable camp stoves, most costing far more, the Siege Stove (using an IKEA canister) had the fastest boil time (4 minutes). The next closest stove took 5 minutes, with others taking 8 and even 12 minutes to boil.

Specifications: To create a complete stove you will need one of the following:
  • Titanium: 3.5oz | 99g
  • Stainless Steel: 7.6oz | 217g
  • Length: 7" (17.7cm)
  • a Siege Flat-Pack Stove
  • a Pre-Punched Can (coffee, #10, etc.)
  • an IKEA® Canister.

Note to international customers:

Our lightweight stainless steel Cross-Members are able to be shipped in the lowest cost postal weight bracket (under 8.1 ounces). Also, because the titanium Cross-Members are half the weight of the stainless steel sets, we are able to ship two of the Ti sets in one package for the same low rate. The second Ti set will make a great gift, or a backup for storing in your car, or you can split the shipping cost with a friend. In order to keep the package weight under 8.1 oz, and still give you a bonus P-38 with each set of Cross-Members, we will include minimal or no literature (we will email you all the documents and instructions you need), and do not include the simple cotton pouch (something we recently started including for heavier than 8.1 oz international orders). This saves our customers over $10 in shipping costs.

Note: The next postal weight bracket is from 8.1 oz all the way to 32 oz, so it can make sense to add more items if you are already over 8.1 ounces, to make the most of the weight allowance.


Siege Cross-Members - stainless steel
(set of 4 parts): $21.99

NOTE: We are out of stock on stainless steel Cross-Members. We expect it will be approximately two weeks before we have them back in stock. You can pre-order a set above, and we will ship your complete order as soon as they are available.

Siege Cross-Members -titanium
(set of 4 parts): $31.99)


P-38 can opener with Siege Stove universal Cross-Members make a must-have EDC survival tool combination.
The venerable P-38 makes a perfect complement to the Cross-Members, for an all-in-one survival system. Clip them together and stow them in your car, emergency gear or camping kit, and you will be able to open a can, empty the contents into a mug, pot or pan, and quickly turn the can into a stove using the Cross-Members.

The Universal Cross-Members are large enough to reliably support a Dutch oven! The height that they hold the pot above the rim of the can, provides optimal breathing for the fire, and makes it easy to add wood scraps when there is a pot on top. Plus with the new high-tech structural design they are lighter in weight, more compact, and they work with all of the cans, as well as the collapsible Flat-Pack stove, plus the IKEA® Stainless Steel Canisters.

We also redesigned and sharpened the two fangs on of one of the lower Universal cross-members so that they can be used to make air holes in a can (using a branch, tap one fang into the side or base of the can, twist to widen and repeat until the can is sufficiently ventilated). With this all-in-one survival tool it is now possible to create a stove with just the cross-members and a can!


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Siege Stove Cross-Members in a Nylon sleeve
Shown here with Cross-Members inserted
(Cross-Members sold separately)

Standard Sheath for Cross-Members

Polypropylene webbing with Velcro® closure
(limited supply)

Standard Sheath: $4.99

Standard Sheath for holding a set of Cross-Members (polypropylene webbing with Velcro closure flap)

About the maker:

An older Air Force veteran who makes boat covers for a living produces the sheaths for us. He is a big Siege Stove fan, and found us when searching for a rugged, versatile biomass stove that would meet the stringent needs of his active outdoor lifestyle. Unfortunately he is having a tough year, with some ongoing health issues, followed by the recent accidental tearing of his shoulder muscles, leaving him unable to work. More recently he was knocked over by a hit-and-run drive while pushing a shopping cart in a parking lot, and was taken to hospital a bit banged up. Fortunately he is a tough guy who is accustomed to carrying a heavy backpack long distances, and surviving many days in the woods of Northern Illinois (with his Siege Stove). Even so, his recovery will likely take some time. We therefore have a limited number of sheaths in stock, and do not know if and when he will be able to make more for us.

New Feature: We added a second brass grommet hole, so that you can thread paracord through the two holes and attach the sleeve to a backpack or Molle webbing.

Rear View of Enhanced Sheath
(the included fire steel is not depicted in this photo)

(Cross-Members sold separately)
The dog tag and P-38 can be inserted into the sleeve, or left on the outside.

Note: When you purchase a set of Cross-Members, we give you a P-38 with them too! The extra one can be kept on a keychain as a backup, or given as a gift.

Enhanced Sheath for Cross-Members

Polypropylene webbing with Velcro® closure
(limited supply).

In our workshop we take the standard sheaths that the Air Force vet makes for us and upgrade them, with grommet holes and accessories. Each Enhahced Sheath includes:

  • Top-rated 3"x 3/16" Fire Steel
  • Two brass grommet holes
  • Brass beaded 4.5" chain
  • Brass dog tag - just an extra fun item. They are blank so you can etch your name on it, if you like :)
  • P-38 mini can opener

Enhanced Sheath: $11.99

Limited time bonus (while supplies last):

We just started giving away a free backup titanium scraper with every Enhanced Sheath. A hardened steel scraper or the back of a knife are what most people use to scape their fire steel, but now you will have this titanium scraper as an additional option. We cut them from the scrap titanium left over from producing our titanium Cross-Members. We then round off and sand the ends, but otherwise keep them rough (surface sanding them would bevel the edges, making them unable to produce sparks). These scrapers will not hold an edge as long as hardened steel (in our tests, they worked well for about 45 days of use to start a fire every day), but they produce a good spark and are free!

Note: The fire steel and scraper included with the Enhanced Sheath are intended to be a backup means of making fire. One should always have multiple means of making fire, including waterproof matches, BIC lighters, and a primary fire steel.

That's not all! We significantly reduced the weight of our titanium and Stainless Steel cross-members and collapsible stoves by testing and obtaining optimal material thicknesses.

With two interlocking cans you can even convert your stove into a wood-gas stove!

Siege Stove Collapsible flat-pack stove

The new Gen 3 Siege Collapsible Flat-Pack Stove is on sale below. Cross-Members are sold separately above

Cross-Members not included — add these separately above)

<photos coming soon!>


Gen III Flat-Pack Specifications:
  • Titanium:approx. 7.4 oz| 210 g
  • Stainless Steel: approx 15 oz| 425 g
  • Dimensions: 5 1/2" x 5 1/8"
  • Firebox size inside when assembled:
    5 1/8" square at the top, 4" square at the bottom and just under 5" high.

New Gen III Flat Pack Stove depicted above with base Cross-Members (sold separately, above) connected at the corners for enhanced stablity The new Gen III version of the Flat-Pack stove has wall slots for more secure mounting of the Side Toasters (toasters and Cross-Members sold separately)

NEW FEATURES of the Gen III Flat-Pack Stove

  • Slots in walls for Side Toasters (toasters sold separately, below): this provides more secure mounting of the toasters and they can be slid in or out to the distance desired for optimal toasting.(the Side Toasters will also with with the previous Gen II edition of the Flat-Pack Stove, but need to be mounted on the base Cross-Members under the stove)
  • Ability to mount the stove diagonally on the base Cross-Members, so that they connect at the corners of the stove, for further enhanced stove stability.
  • Hexagonal hole design (matches the design of the Folding Grills)
  • Crenellated upper edge: The castellations can be useful for preventing skewers from rolling off when placed across the top of the stove (with top Cross-Members removed) for grilling kebabs (once the fire has simmered down to glowing coals).


(Cross-Members sold separately, above)

Sale - Stainless steel: $59.99 US:
(normally $69.99)

NOTE: We are out of stock on stainless steel Cross-Members. We expect it will be approximately two weeks before we have them back in stock. You can pre-order a set above, and we will ship your complete order as soon as they are available.


Sale - Titanium: $79.99 US
(normally $89.99)

(Cross-Members sold separately, above)

We also have a Clearance Sale on our
Gen 2 Flat-Pack Stoves.




For our Kickstarter campaign we introduced all new laser-cut FOLDING GRILLS (Compact & Large) as well as new flat-pack SIDE TOASTERS

These are now available for the first time on our web site




For Siege Flat-Pack Stoves:

Gen II Flat-Pack Stove: Side Toasters mount on the base Cross-Members and with the prongs set under the stove.

Gen III Flat-Pack Stove (depicted above): Side Toasters slide into the slots in the walls for more secure mounting of the toasters.

For Canister Stoves (IKEA canisters, coffee cans, #10 cans, etc.):

Side Toasters mount on the base Cross-Members and slot under the can. Alternatively, you can make slots in the can wall for more secure mounting of the toasters


(laser-cut 304 stainless steel)

With our new flat-pack Side Toasters, you can cook on top of your stove, while toasting bread on the side!

These work with any Siege Stove
(canister stoves or Flat-Pack, titanium or stainless).
They come as a pair, but you can put a second pair on your stove (up to 4 toasters around the stove)

Pair of Side Toasters: $10.99
(2 toasters, 2 parts each, stainless steel)

The Compact and Large Folding Grills work with canister stoves and the Siege Flat-Pack Stove.

The handles swing inboard and tighten in place for compact storage.

Precision laser cut from high quality 304 stainless steel.

We modify flatware knives to produce the handles. Note: There don't appear to be any US-manufacturers of low-cost flatware, so these are one component we use that is not US-produced. They are extensively modified in our workshop, which takes a while (cutting, shaping and sanding each end, plus drilling and sanding holes for the bolts).



  • Approx Weight: 7.7 oz | 218 g
  • Approx. Dimensions: 5.1” | 130mm square

Compact Folding Grill: $16.99
(stainless steel)

"The new large grill held the steak and onions extraordinary.
Out in the wild I carry an 'Ove glove for handling hot items.Your products rock! I am quite happy with everything I've purchased from you. Thanks again for your great stuff."
David J - Crystal, MN



  • Approx Weight: 13 oz |
  • Approx. Dimensions: 7.1” | 180mm square

Large Folding Grill: $22.99
(stainless steel)

Note: In the photo on the left we used the same length handles for both the Compact and Large Grills. However, the Large Grills have room for a longer handle to fold away, so we now have longer handles on these, for added reach and improved grip.

IKEA canister for creating a hobo stove

(not made in USA)

The IKEA canister is a fantastic fire box for individuals and small groups
— this is our most popular can option, and makes a beautiful, lightweight, high-performance, stainless steel stove.

Approx. Weight: 4.62 oz // 131 g

Outside Diameter:
4 11/16” (4.69”) // 120mm
Outside Height:
5 1/8” (5.125") // 130mm

* Requires a set of titanium or stainless steel Universal Cross-Members.

IKEA® is a registered trademark of IKEA Corp and is not associated in any way with Siege Stoves.

IKEA cutlery drainer with Siege Stove universal cross-members make the best, most stable, high-performance hobo stove

IKEA Canister: $5.49
(stainless steel)

If you have a local IKEA® store you can purchase these directly from IKEA or you can get them from us. We buy these retail and provide them here as a convenience - our price is higher since we have to cover our transport costs, but adding them into your order won't increase your shipping cost if you are in the US, since we charge a flat shipping fee regardless of order size). For orders outside the USA, we recommend that you obtain a canister locally, which will save you on international shipping costs.

IKEA® is a registered trademark of IKEA Corp and is not associated in any way with Siege Stoves.

Pre-punched COMPACT CAN (new coffee can)

Requires a set titanium or stainless steel
  • Approx. Weight: 3.5oz | 99g
  • Diameter: 4” | 102mm
  • Height: 5.44" | 120mm
Compact Can Hobo  Stove for use with Siege Stove universal Cross-Members

This size is a good choice for individuals up to small groups

While it is relatively easy to punch holes in cans that you buy in the supermarket, some customers who are really busy appreciate that they can buy perforated cans from Siege Stoves and use their own time to greater advantage.

The pre-punched cans may cost as much as a can full of food, but we have to cover the purchase and transport costs for obtaining the empty cans as well as the labor costs to punch them. The three machines that are necessary to punch the holes at our factory, are quite expensive and require maintenance as well.



Compact Can: $4.29
(pre-punched, tin-plated steel)

Pre-punched LARGE #10 CAN
(recycled restaurant size)

Requires a set titanium or stainless steel
  • Approx. Weight: 8.8oz | 250g
  • Diameter: 6.19” | 157 mm
  • Height: 7" | 178 mm
Jumbo #10 can Hobo  stove for use with Siege Stove universal Cross-Members

This size is ideal for familes and groups, but even an invididual will enjoy the big fire and extra large fuel capacity, especially considering how exceptionally light it is.


Large #10 Can: $5.49
(pre-punched, tin-plated steel)

8% Sales Tax is applied to California orders only. All other destinations are tax-free.



INTERNATIONAL ORDERS, PayPal will automatically calculate the shipping cost for First Class Mail. If you need it sent Priority Mail, please email us with the details of what you plan to order and the destination address and we will calculate the shipping fee and email you a PayPal invoice for the total amount.


After you complete your product selection, select your destination country and PayPal will add the First Class Mail cost based on total weight.
     We keep our packaging to a minimum in order to provide low shipping costs. If you need any assistance, please email us with the details of what you plan to order and the destination address, and we will calculate the Mail fee and email you a PayPal invoice for the total amount, that you can click on to pay at your convenience.

Because our cross-members and accessories are compact and lightweight, our international customers are often able to achieve lower shipping costs than with many other portable camp stoves (on top of what you are already saving with our low prices). For example, a single set of stainless steel Cross-Members or two sets of titanium Cross-Members can be packaged and shipped just under 8.1 ounces, in the lowest postal weight bracket!

For international customers we recommend that you obtain a can locally, which will save a lot on shipping costs (adding the can requires a box, which adds considerable weight and bulk). The popular stainless steel IKEA® cansiter is available in many countries, but you can use many other cans too. A drill with a tapered drill bit will make neat round holes, and you can also use the cross-members to make holes in a can.


  • WOOD SCRAPS (BIO-FUEL): Thicker material will burn for longer, and is better for grilling than thinner twigs. A set of loppers is a handy item to have for cutting short sticks of about thumb-thickness. Wood scraps are free and widely available in most places (not much is needed), so you don't need to carry it with you. Sitting around a wood-burning stove is also the most pleasurable experience.
  • CHARCOAL: Widely available. One negative: it’s dirty to handle, but the positives are:  it creates minimal smoke, minimal flame, and is less than 1/2 the weight of wood. In Siege Stoves, irregular chunks are better than briquettes.
  • LIQUID FUELS: An alcohol stove can be placed inside a Siege Stove (can be supported at an optimal height on a pair of tent pegs that are threaded horizontally through holes in the wall of the stove). Most liquid fuels are very toxic to breathe. Pure cane alcohol such as Everclear is a healthier choice, but is difficult to get in many states, because of state laws banning high-proof alcohol.
  • SOLID FUEL: Hexamine tablets, such as Esbit can also be supported in a Siege Stove on a small tray. These also produce toxic fumes.
  • GAS: A gas stove can be placed inside a Siege Stove. You will need to select a can that is large enough. A feeder tube can be threaded through a hole you make in the side of the can.

Siege Stoves are made in the USA!

IKEA® is a trademark of IKEA Corp. and is not affiliated with Siege Stoves. We re-sell their Ordnung canisters as a convenience to our customers.

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