Ultimate Survival and IKEA Hobo Can Stoves - made in the USA



Any coverage you are able to provide on this extremely effective,
American-Made, camping and survival stove will be greatly appreciated!

Siege Stoves is a small California-based business dedicated to making innovative backpacking,
camping and survival products that are high-performance and dependable.

The universal Siege Stove universal Cross-Members, flat-pack stoves and unique accessories:

Now live on Kickstarter!

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Siege Stove universal Cross-Members (titanium or stainless steel) -- the most versatile camping and survival stove on the planet!

"With all the different stove designs one can create, it's like the Swiss Army Knife of camp stoves!"


Siege StovesTM — essential for your portable camping and backpacking gear, survival pack, bug-out bag or grab-and-go kit.

Wood-burning and Multi-Fuel SIEGETM STOVES— Engineered For Extreme Versatility







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