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Multi-Purpose Sheath for holding Cross-Members



Secure your Cross-Members

Get extras to store sporks
or cutlery sets

Veteran-made by hand from thick, tough polypropylene webbing with genuine Velcro® and marine-grade 18 pound tensile-strength thread.
All materials are manufactured in the USA.

A US- veteran makes these sheaths by hand for us in his Illinois workshop. He creates boat covers by trade, so for these durable sheaths he has selected US-produced marine-grade materials such as polypropylene webbing, which is non-hygroscopic (unlike nylon, it will not retain water when wet).

Comfortably stores a backpacking cutlery set (knife, fork, spoon) or three or four nested sporks






Knee-Pad Pouch™ for Siege® Stove kits

The pouch has room for a full Siege Stove flat-pack kit, including Flat-Pack Stove, Large and/or Compact Grill, Side Toasters, and a set of Cross-Members, as well as other items such as a fire starter, tinder, etc.

Stove kit depicted here on top of the pouch

Knee-Pad Pouch™

  • Veteran-made by hand
  • Extra tough vinyl fabric
  • Uses genuine Velcro® and marine-grade 18 pound tensile-strength thread.
  • All materials are manufactured in the USA.
  • Doubles as a handy knee-pad for use while setting up your stove
    (after removing the stove kit from inside)
  • New, improved design with edging along the sides

After much experimentation, we found this extra durable Vinyl fabric to be the best option. These pouches will provide a great way to store your flat-pack Siege Stove items.

(note: these are not mass-produced, so every one is unique, with the opening edges slightly off the parallel, as the maker stitches each one by hand. The small amount of variation does not effect performance or how well they close).

The inside dimensions of the pouch are sized to accommodate our largest item -- the Large Grill, along with a Flat-Pack Stove, Cross-Members and Side Toasters, and with extra space for adding other relatively flat items, such as fire starters, tinder, etc.

Note: The Sheath is recommended as a companion to the Pouch, so that the Cross-Members stay together and the fangs don't poke the inside of the pouch. If you have a Large or Compact Grill, It's a good idea to keep a few Zip-Loc® freezer bags in the pouch for storing the grill (useful if you don't have time or water to wash the grill after use in the field). You could also store the Flat-Pack Stove in a freezer bag, to trap soot.

Added benefit: the pouch maker selected the Vinyl material for its super durability, and also with the following very useful feature in mind: after removing your stove kit from the pouch, you can use the empty pouch as a knee pad while you set up your stove (he pads his pouch even further with a bag of soft fire tinder that he collects on his hike (cat tails, shredded bark, etc.). Anyone who has had to resort to using a jacket, poncho or other soft items as a knee pad, will appreciate how this pouch willl save their nice gear from getting torn up on rough ground.

Note: The Pouches are not configured to carry a can or canister (a drawstring nylon pouch is recommended for cans and pots).



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