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SIEGE® Universal Cross-Members

(Available in titanium or stainless steel)

If you were to order just one item, the Cross-Members would be it! With a single set of cross-members you can quickly turn a can into a complete stove that is sturdy, stable and has plenty of capacity to hold a substantial fire.

The Siege Cross-Members make a fantastic gift and combined with a super-low-cost can outperform stoves costing much more. As one of our recent customers just reported, "The supports really work great on a #10 can. It works and burns way better than my new $150.00 [other brand] stove"
And in Be Ready magazine's comparison of 10 popular portable camp stoves, most costing far more, the Siege Stove (using an IKEA canister) had the fastest boil time (4 minutes). The next closest stove took 5 minutes, with others taking 8 and even 12 minutes to boil.

That's not all! We significantly reduced the weight of our titanium and Stainless Steel cross-members and collapsible stoves by testing and obtaining optimal material thicknesses.

With two interlocking cans you can even convert your stove into a wood-gas stove!


The Universal Cross-Members are large enough to reliably support a wide, heavy iron skillet! The height that they hold the pot above the rim of the can, provides optimal breathing for the fire, and makes it easy to add wood scraps without needing to lift the pot or pan. Plus with the new high-tech structural design they are lighter in weight, more compact, and they work with all of the cans, as well as the collapsible Flat-Pack stove, plus the IKEA® Stainless Steel Canisters.

We also redesigned and sharpened the two fangs on of one of the lower Universal cross-members so that they can be used to make air holes in a can (using a branch, tap one fang into the side or base of the can, twist to widen and repeat until the can is sufficiently ventilated). With this all-in-one survival tool it is now possible to create a stove with just the cross-members and a can!

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See the advantages that Siege Stoves (both canister and flat-pack configurations) have over other stoves


  • WOOD SCRAPS (BIO-FUEL): Thicker material will burn for longer, and is better for grilling than thinner twigs. A set of loppers is a handy item to have for cutting short sticks of about thumb-thickness. Wood scraps are free and widely available in most places (not much is needed), so you don't need to carry it with you. Sitting around a wood-burning stove is also the most pleasurable experience.
  • CHARCOAL: Widely available. One negative: it’s dirty to handle, but the positives are: it creates minimal smoke, minimal flame, and is less than 1/2 the weight of wood. In Siege Stoves, irregular chunks are better than briquettes.
  • LIQUID FUELS: An alcohol stove can be placed inside a Siege Stove (can be supported at an optimal height on a pair of tent pegs that are threaded horizontally through holes in the wall of the stove). Most liquid fuels are very toxic to breathe. Pure cane alcohol such as Everclear is a healthier choice, but is difficult to get in many states, because of state laws banning high-proof alcohol.
  • SOLID FUEL: Hexamine tablets, such as Esbit can also be supported in a Siege Stove on a small tray. These also produce toxic fumes.
  • GAS: A gas stove can be placed inside a Siege Stove. You will need to select a can that is large enough. A feeder tube can be threaded through a hole you make in the side of the can.

Siege Stoves are made in the USA!


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