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You can order securely using PayPal — please make your selection below. Contact us if you need any assistance or have any questions. We are happy to help!
If you would prefer to order via credit card or money order, please contact us.

FREE SHIPPING on all US orders over $24!

Below-cost shipping on all international and Canadian orders!

For example, if you are anywhere outside the US and Canada, to ship a set of Cross-Members to you, we charge $12.99 (it costs us over $15).
And, if you order items weighing between 8.1 oz and 32 oz, we charge $21.99 (our cost to ship is over $25). You can get a lot of items in a 32 oz package!
If you are in Canada, we will ship a set of Cross-Members to you for just $9.99 (it costs us over $12),
and we will ship packages weighing 8.1 - 32oz to Canada for $17.99 (costs us approx. $20).
SIEGE STOVES are a popular choice for many people across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and many other regions. We value our international customers and do everything we can to keep costs as low as possible, including using minimal packaging to get package weights under critical price thresholds.


After you complete your product selection, select your destination country and PayPal will add the First Class Mail cost based on total weight.
     We keep our packaging to a minimum in order to provide low shipping costs. If you need any assistance, please email us with the details of what you plan to order and the destination address, and we will calculate the Mail fee and email you a PayPal invoice for the total amount, that you can click on to pay at your convenience.

Because our cross-members and accessories are compact and lightweight, our international customers are often able to achieve lower shipping costs than with many other portable camp stoves (on top of what you are already saving with our low prices). For example, with minimal packaging, a single set of stainless steel Cross-Members or two sets of titanium Cross-Members can be packaged and shipped just under 8.1 ounces, in the lowest postal weight bracket!

For international customers we recommend that you obtain a can locally, which will save a lot on shipping costs (adding the can requires a box, which adds considerable weight and bulk). The popular stainless steel IKEA® cansiter is available in many countries, but you can use many other cans too. A drill with a tapered drill bit will make neat round holes, and you can also use the cross-members to make holes in a can.

Note to international customers:

Our lightweight stainless steel Cross-Members are able to be shipped in the lowest cost postal weight bracket (under 8.1 ounces). Also, because the titanium Cross-Members are half the weight of the stainless steel sets, we are able to ship two of the Ti sets in one package for the same low rate. The second Ti set will make a great gift, or a backup for storing in your car, or you can split the shipping cost with a friend. In order to keep the package weight under 8.1 oz, we will include minimal or no literature (we will email you all the documents and instructions you need). This saves our customers over $10 in shipping costs.

Note: The next postal weight bracket is from 8.1 oz all the way to 32 oz, so it can make sense to add more items if you are already over 8.1 ounces, to make the most of the weight allowance.

We recommend that international customers obtain a can locally, which can also save a lot on shipping costs, because cans do not pack flat and require a box for shipping.


shipping on orders under $24





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